Beyond Mentors Community Care Initiatives (BMCCI) is devoted to the social, economic and educational development; counselling and mentoring of rural and urban communities in Northern Nigeria. It was first conceived, in 2007, out of the need to address and prevent poverty in Northern Nigeria targeting young minds from the cradle. It was registered as a social enterprise in 2013 and as a non-government and not for profit organisation in 2017. Our primary targets are the most vulnerable and marginalised members of the society. Contents centre on how to utilize and make the best use of all the financial tools available yet enabling leadership skills and life skills to prepare women, children and youth to make better and informed choices and obtaining life skills along the way. It is an exclusive initiative and a first of its kind in the Northern Nigeria.

For the last ten years, the organization has been contributing to the social and educational development, counseling and mentoring of rural and urban communities particularly in the Secondary schools and sanitary education, Community mobilization especially mobilising girl-child education, setting up financial literacy clubs for secondary schools, economic and overall empowerment of the less-privileged, orphans and vulnerable groups in the society.

BMCCi has groomed and continued to nurture young girls and boys to understand their career path and their significant responsibilities to their community, stimulating leadership skills and also lecturing and advocating for women groups as well as building their capacity to advocate issues through the creation of strategic programmes with social change actors.

One of our projects is the establishment of R2R Club with a view to activating monetary and leadership skills in every Northern Nigerian child. The club provides the right platform for students to be educated on Financial Literacy, Leadership, Management and Entrepreneurial skills and also groom club members in civic, sanitary and health education.

Since its inception, R2R clubs have been contributing positively to ensure a financial literate society with strong presence in Prime Scholars#8217; School, Karu, Abuja; Leadership Academy School, Nassarawa State; and Capital School, Sardauna Memorial College and Maimuna Gwarzo School in Kaduna state. Consequently, BMCCi has been recognised as the Education Support Programme Partner in Kaduna State.

Beyond Mentors Community Care Initiative (BMCCI) is a unique Non-Governmental, Non-political, human development organization which was conceived out of the need to address and prevent poverty from the cradle in Nigeria, particularly in the North.


Poverty alleviation and self sufficiency
Morals and Ethical values
Water and sanitary health education
Promoting peaceful co-existence
Public enlightenment and Sensitization on issues affecting the community under the aegis of women community in Africa .


Our primary targets are secondary school students, young people/youth and women. This is due to the fact that these groups of people are the most vulnerable members of the society


Activating financial literacy, leadership, entrepreneurship skills and patriotism in every Northern Nigerian child